King Koil SureSleep

Rs. 22,899.00
click here to view PDF  True Double Sided Pocket Spring Mattress - Soft and Medium Firm TRUE DUAL COMFORT MATTRESS that ensures Good Sleep. SureSleep as the namesays, ensures good sleep  by offering two comfort...

King Koil Signature

Rs. 74,099.00
click here to view PDF Damask Jacquard Fabric Top layer of mattress uses heavy GSM Damask Jacquard Fabric with pillowtop design. Silicone Fiber Silicone Fiber is used in pillowtop quilting for a Feather touch experience....

King Koil Paradise

Rs. 39,799.00
click here to view PDF GSM Knitted Fabric Heavy GSM Knitted Fabric for extra durability. BodySink Foam BodySink Foam in quilting to enhance sleep experience the moment you lie down. Latex Foam 100% Natural Latex...

King Koil NaturaBond

Rs. 31,799.00
click here to view PDF Knitted Fabric Mattress top is knitted with Heavy GSM Fabric for extra durability. Latex Foam 2 inch thick layer of 100% Natural Latex Foam for body and back support. PU...

King Koil Gravity

Rs. 37,999.00
click here to view PDF Quilted Soft Top Quilted soft top with heavy knitted fabric for extra durability. Quilted Memory Foam 1 Inch Memory Foam quilted with the top layer for immediate pressure relieving. High...

King Koil EuroSoft

Rs. 25,399.00
click here to view PDF Damask Fabric FR treated Damask fabric & 3D Air Mesh in Eurotop for air ventilation. Silicone Fiber Soft silicone fiber for ultra soft feel, the moment your guest lays on...

King Koil EuroMEMORY

Rs. 29,099.00
                                             click here to view PDF

King Koil EuroHR

Rs. 21,899.00
click here to view PDF Heavy GSM Jute Fabric Heavy GSM Jute Fabric with Euro top construction adding luxurious feel to the mattress. Memory Foam Layer Memory Foam is used in quilting for better comfort...

King Koil EuroBACK

Rs. 16,499.00
click here to view PDF GSM Knitted Fabric Designer Top with Heavy GSM Knitted Fabric PU Foam A layer of PU Foam is used in quilting to make the mattress comfortable. Ultra Plush Foam A...

King Koil Chiropedic 10000

Rs. 33,899.00
 click here to view PDF Jacquard Fabric  High GSM Jacquard Fabric used for outer layer quilt. Organic Cotton Felt Organic Cotton Felt knitted with Jacquard Fabric for natural feel. BodySink Foam First layer of BodySink...

King Koil Chiropedic 5000

Rs. 27,199.00
click here to view PDF Pillow Top Soft FUR Fabric for cozy feel & Air Ventilating 3D Mesh in Pillow top Slit. Memory Foam Layer Pillow Top is quilted with 1 inch of Memory Foam...

King Koil Chiropedic 3000

Rs. 18,599.00
click here to view PDF Silicone Fiber Silconized fiber felt is used in quilting for softer feel PU Foam Soft PU foam for body cushioning 2nd Layer of PU Foam Second layer of Soft PU...
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